Promote Advanced Learning
and Education
in the Energy Sector

The Battery Innovation Center

The mission of The Battery Innovation Center (BIC) is to promote advanced learning and education in the energy sector as well as to promote the rapid development, testing, and commercialization of safe, reliable, and lightweight energy storage systems for commercial, academic, and defense customers/organizations.

Battery Manufacturing

Assisting with the development of a manufacturing process, to decrease downtime for deployment at a full-scale manufacturing facility.

Test and Eval

Providing a large array of testing capabilities, which include testing battery cells to full-scale battery systems.

Technical Consultation

The BIC provides in-depth experience in the industry and a vast network of experts for a variety of applications. Assisting with almost any energy related project.

The Energy Storage Short Course

Educational Series

Recent News

What some of our Members are saying

Our extensive expertise will make sure that your project is a SUCCESS STORY!

“The expertise and capabilities at the BIC have allowed us to quickly and efficiently begin scaling our technology using commercial electrode fabrication equipment. The BIC has certainly accelerated our development timeline, and we look forward to continuing our progress with them.”

Tyler Evans
Co-founder; CTO at SiILion, Inc.
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